Pioneering Vinyasa Yoga: The Adventure and Daily Practice

My Amazing brother Doug has a new book out and it is a beautiful presentation of yoga through his own eyes and personal journey over many decades of dedication and practice. It is called: Pioneering Vinyasa Yoga: The Adventure and Daily Practice Click on the link and check out this wonderful new yoga resource!  

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Upcoming Yoga Journal Conference

Yoga Journal Conference is offering a special discount for the upcoming San Francisco event! You will receive a 15% discount off of classes by simply using the promo code: DAVID Follow this link and check it out! http://www.yogajournal.com/events/sf/tickets/

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Two New DVD's From David

NEW DVD’s !!!I am so excited and happy to announce that after almost 20 years I am now releasing 2 new DVD’s!    Ashtanga First Series: This is a technologically and visually updated version of the original video that was released in 1995. There are many new features to make it much more user-friendly and easier to use. I offer explanations for many alternatives to the more challenging asanas as well as a discussion of the basic 5 Elements of the Ashtanga practice: Breath, Bandhas, Asana, Drishti and Vinyasa.      Ashtanga 1:08: This is a slightly longer version of the Short Forms programs that I produced about a decade ago. The original ones contain 3 routines of 15, 30...

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Introducing the Mysore Practice Rug

I am really happy to announce that we now have a beautiful line of Fully Organic Cotton Practice Rugs! I love the cotton feel for practice since it really reminds me of the “old school” method. In the early days we always practiced on cotton.   I like the natural feel under me when practicing and they absorb sweat. The fact that these new mats are organic is even better!  They work great on top of any sticky mat and will prolong the life of the sticky mat as well. Check them out and Have Fun Practicing!   David

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A Tribute to BKS Iyengar

Today I mourn the loss of the great teacher, philosopher and yogi, BKS Iyengar. His teachings and magnanimous presence have left an indelible mark on the world of yoga and the atmosphere now feels a bit less vibrant without his presence in it.  Though I was not directly a student of his I was dramatically effected by his teachings and his dedication to the practice, promotion and love of yoga.   My brother and I started to practice in 1969 when we only had access to books as our teachers. One of the first ones we came across was Light On Yoga. The power, grace and presence displayed within BKS Iyengar’s asanas conveyed an ocean of energy and depth far...

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